Chosen 1’s Top 5 Raw Moments

We all know there has been plenty of awful moments in Raw history Mae Young’s love child (Human Hand) with Mark Henry, Kane’s necrophilia with Katie Vick, or the Quote “I did it for da people, I did it for da Rock” certainly come to mind. But there have been many moments since its debut in 1993 Here are my top 5


5. August 9, 1999 Chicago, Illinois.

The countdown to the new millennium reaches 0 and Chris Jericho Blows the roof off of the All State Arena and Y2J becomes a big time player for the WWE. What better way to make your debut then to steal some thunder from the “Great One” only to be told to “know your role and shut your mouth” As we all know Jericho had his ups and downs while in WWE but always performed and helped transform the WWE. Making this one of the most memorable moments in RAW history.


4. April 27, 1998 Norfolk, Virginia

The Monday Night Wars lead to some of the greatest moments in WWE Raw history nothing stands out more then when Degeneration X crashes WCW Monday Nitro. DX dawned military fatigues and military jeep fixed with a cannon of sort and attempted to drive right into the arena only to have the doors shut on them but not before rallying the surrounding fans behind them in a WCW sucks Chant.


3.August 20, 2001 Sacramento, California

One, It was supposed to be Stone Cold Appreciation Night. The Alliance filled the ring and sang a wonderful rendition of “Wind Beneath Our Ring” . It was the night after Summer Slam where Austin lost to Kurt Angle via DQ but retained the title. Steve was arguing with Taz about the shirt he was wearing when the Olympic God Medalist and as some of you may know one of my favorite wrestlers of all time Kurt Angle comes to the ring in a milk truck and shows the ex WCW/ECW wrestlers that milk does a body good. The night was capped off by a brilliant quote from the great Jim Ross “The million dollar princess has become the DAIRY QUEEN”…


2. March 22, 1999 Albany, New York

Vince’s Corporation was standing tall in the middle of the ring. The Rock is the champion and Vince thinks he is unbeatable he calls for a look at a video from Rock destroying Mankind. The glass breaks and the rattlesnake drives his beer truck right down to ringside and soaks the ring and the corporation in ice cold Coors Light.


1. March 26, 2001

This is a moment that includes Monday Night Raw but I would like to talk about the night from my prospective. It was Spring Semester of my freshman year at Fairleigh Dickinson University. My roommate, Cos, and I spent a lot of time playing Smackdown on our tvs and watching wrestling every Monday night We would watch both WCW and WWE as I believe many did depending on the matches. I believe through the power of the internet we were made aware that Vince had purchased WCW from Ted Turner and the final episode of Monday Nitro would take place on March 26, 2001. We watched some of the greatest matches in WCW history that night the announcers told us that at the end of the show Vince would appear on Raw to talk about finally destroying his biggest rival World Championship Wrestling. The feeds were simultaneous if i remember right. As the last Nitro Main Event ended with a Sting victory over Ric Flair and the two embraced as the organization they both fought so hard to carry for so many years had come to an end Vince comes out to make it all official and bury WCW. When out of no where Shane O Mac’s titan tron comes to the board. The two were set to fight the following week at Wrestlemania and surprised his dad but not in Cleveland Ohio where Raw was being shown he was in Panama City Florida with  WCW to tell Vince he purchased WCW before Vince could finalize the deal. I am pretty sure Cos and I both lost our shit when it happened. Not only one of the greatest moments in Raw History but in wrestling in general. Nobody knew what it meant at the time other then that the Monday Night Wars were won by the McMahons. What we know now is Raw has reached the 1000 episode mark and WCW and its flagship tv show Nitro has become nothing more then a memory and the joke of WWE’s youtube show “Are You Serious” with the segment WCW continues to ruin everything… Happy Bday Raw


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