‘The Office’ sets an end date


Source: E! Online

Sad day today when we found out that this will be the hit NBC comedy ‘The Office”s last season.

Seems as if most of the major actors contracts would be up after this season and to renew them would cost too much so NBC has decided to scrap the series after this 9th (and now final) season.

With that said, they are planning on having at least 15 veteran members of ‘The Office’ return for the final season along with possibly Ken Kwapis, who directed the pilot episode to hopefully direct the series finale.

Michael Scott may or may not return, I for one hope he doesn’t because I thought his exit was great and we don’t need to see him again.

And they promise to finally show us who the film crew is that has been following The Office for the last 9 seasons (I for one don’t think we need to see this, but that’s just me).

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