Seth MacFarlane hosting Oscars


Seth MacFarlane hosting Oscars

Source: Dark Horizons

Word came out yesterday that funny man and ‘Family Guy’, ‘American Dad’, and ‘Ted’ creator actor and writer, Seth MacFarlane, will be hosting next years Oscars ceremony. And I have to say I think it is a much needed turn for the show. I know my interest will be up simply because it isn’t the normal type of host that the show has been booking recently.

Aside from last year’s host, Billy Crystal, which I grew up watching on the Oscars, and for whom I turned in solely to see the opening singing monologue; I think the rest of the crop that has been seen as host have been unfortunately a stale group of people. No real knock on any of them, most of the hosts are held back by ABC and the Academy of Motion Pictures and Arts; which like to keep the ceremonies a little more family friendly. I think Seth MacFarlane brings a different element to this and hopefully breaths some freshness into this otherwise stale and seemingly outdated awards show.

Usually seen as a voice actor, he has created numerous adult themed cartoon series shown on Fox and wrote, directed and voice acted in this past summers surprise hit “Ted” starring Mark Wahlberg. He recently was the guest host on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live and seems to be on a roll. Let’s hope it continues towards the Oscars.

What do you think about Seth MacFarlane? And a better question, will you be watching the show?

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