Disney buys Lucasfilm?


Disney buys Lucasfilm?

Source: Dark Horizons, JoBlo, and Coming Soon

While we were all dealing with Hurricane Sandy, George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney for a reported $4.05 Billion!

I’m honestly in shock about this, can’t believe that it has happened, but I can completely understand the necessity to want to retire and move on and give the reigns of such a huge franchise to the very capable hands of Disney.

We all know how badly Disney has wanted to make a new film series, they hit it big with the Pirate movies, but those seem to be slowing down. They’ve tried it with John Carter and failed, and I believe they’ve been pumping the money out to many other potential series, only to fail.

Disney now is planning a new Star Wars trilogy to debut in 2015. I’m not holding my breath that this will be good, but maybe there is potential for this to be groomed to be good. I for one hope they do a good job with it.


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