Bond, James Bond

Bond, James Bond

By: Ato

Today marks the 23rd Bond movie and 50 years of Bond, James Bond. HOLY CRAP!!! 50 years, my god that is awesome. I am a huge Bond fan and love the series, except for a few movies like ‘Moonranker’. Wow, what a piece of crap movie that was. James Bond meets Star Wars, that was a stupid idea.

But I will say that out of all the Bonds I think that George Lanenby didn’t get a fair chance from the fans and the critics. He’s actually not a bad James Bond. The problems is that the movie, ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ (OHMSS), is not the top of all Bond films. If you bring on a new James Bond you need to make an impact on the series. ‘Casino Royale’ did exactly that for Daniel Craig or ‘The Living Daylights’ for Timothy Dalton. I think the formula for a new Bond wasn’t there yet in 1969, which was the first time changing the actor.

Speaking of changing the actor, question for everybody. Are we the Bond fans supposed to believe that this is one guy doing all these adventures or a position with in MI6 called “007, James Bond.” Meaning if you are secret agent 007 then your name is now James Bond. I’m perfectly cool with it either way, however I am just curious. I mean M is a position and has been played by at least 3 different actors. My main evidence to this is George in OHMSS looks at the camera and says “This never happen to the other fellow.” in reference to losing the girl in the beginning of the film before the credits.

But something I do love is that as much as action is always there, they love to make fun of themselves with all of Q’s gadgets or make a quick quip to get the elephant out of the room. ‘Goldeneye’ has the best example with M. They very quickly talk about how M is finally a woman. Or how in ‘Casino Royale’ M very quickly talks how she misses the cold war, telling us in one line this is not about stopping the Russians anymore but the series is now going in a new direction stopping terrorism. Basically keeping up with the times.

Coming up with a favorite moment in the Bond series or favorite Bong girl, or favorite gadget is not easy. But I think the easiest thing we all can agree on is the car. The Aston Martin DB5. A staple and a very important member of the James Bond family. I mean really it’s all about the ejector seat. Ejector seat equals best Bond car ever.

I can’t what to see the new James Bond, Skyfall. I have loved the last two Bonds with Daniel Craig and finally we have our first Academy Award winner director Sam Mendes and Academy Award winner villain Javier Bardem. This movie is going to be AWESOME!!!!

Also, speaking of awesome, here’s a James Bond car chase with all 6 actors in it. Whoever edited this video together brilliant job.

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