‘Gremlins’ to get rebooted?


‘Gremlins’ to get rebooted?


Source(s): Dark Horizons and Coming Soon

Rumors are out today that Warner Bros. has expressed interest in rebooting the franchise of Gremlins. Apparently they have had interest with a sequel or reboot of some sort but the deal always falls through between Warner Bros. and Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment.

Personally, I have to say, it would have to be done the same way or as close to the way that the original two were done in order for this to look and feel right. I don’t think they could pull off the organic feel of the puppets that they had in the original movies with CG looking effects. Just look at movies like Alien Resurrection (I know, dating myself with this one, but its too early and I can’t think of another example right at this time) where they show the entire Alien in comparison to the original two where you only had quick glimpses of the Alien.

Also, I feel as if they should make it a sequel-espue reboot where perhaps the son or daughter of the original two heroes accidentally gets water on Gizmo or something like that (seeing how long it has been since the last movie, they could make it the youngest of a bunch of their kids or something).

What do you think about the potential for a new Gremlins? Who was your favorite of the villain Gremlins from the two movies? Let me know!

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