Solo and Fett to be Star Wars stand alone movies?


Solo and Fett to be Star Wars stand alone movies?

Source: Dark Horizons

Earlier this week came word from Disney that they are interested in moving forward with not only a new trilogy but also with stand alone movies based on some of the Star Wars characters. Rumors circulated that the first stand alone movie would be a Yoda biopic but today word today is that the first 2 stand alone movies will be about Han Solo and Boba Fett.


I personal have no issues with either of these potential films nor would I have had any problem if they decided to make a Yoda one. My only request is that they make great movies and not giant commercials for toys. I want any films that come out of the Disney era of Lucasfilm to exceed my expectations, because after the prequels, those expectations aren’t just low, they are almost non-existent.


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