A “Dodgeball” sequel?


A “Dodgeball” sequel?

Source: Dark Horizons

Now, I must say, I’m getting concerned that Hollywood has truly run out of ideas for movies. I mean, remaking movies from the 80’s is slowly running its course (and how many of those remakes actually did stand up to the popularity of their original counter parts), there will never be an end to creating movies based on books and graphic novels, but the one trend I am now seeing is making sequels to mid-2000’s comedies.


Most recently Will Ferrell and the cast from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy have come together to work on a sequel to Anchorman. That’s fine, as long as they don’t mess it up. And now, word came out from Dark Horizons that a sequel to “Dodgeball” is now in the works.

“Dodgeball” came out in 2004 where

Vince Vaughn played the slacker owner of rundown gym who gathers a group of misfits into a dodgeball tournament in order to defeat an encroaching corporate gym run by Stiller.

And for the sequel the story goes that it would force Vaughn and Stiller to team up against a greater threat. I’m fine for a sequel, but I just hope that its good and they aren’t going to this well too many times, ruining the image of the originals and watering down a good concept.

What’s stopping them from making a Dude Where’s My Car 2 or Wedding Crashers 2 or Talladega Nights 2, mind you, two out of the three of those mentioned would have probably had great sequels back when they first came out, but now we’re closer to those movies being 10 years ago and not as relevant then they were if they came out with a sequel shortly after their initial release. But that’s just me being logical.

Am I alone here? How does everyone else feel?

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