Howard Stern Birthday Bash free on SiriusXM

Back in January Sirius threw Howard Stern a 60th Birthday Bash and aired it live on Howard 100. HowardTV, Howard Stern’s pay channel on cable went off line back in December and they were never able to show the video filmed that night, so now it seems that SiriusXM has decided to put it on there website.

Mario Maker?

Just saw this trailer for this game called Mario Maker. Essentially you are given the chance to create your own Super Mario levels. Some of the things that you see in this trailer are unbelievable!

Quick Review: 22 Jump Street

This past weekend Melissa and I went with our good friend Evan to go see “22 Jump Street”. I’ll be honest, I was extremely hesitant to go see this movie. I felt as if the first film (“21 Jump Street”) a comedy based on the old Johnny Depp starring 80’s series about young police officers that go undercover as high school students, was probably one of the funniest movies I have seen in a really long time and I just felt that a sequel would run the risk of not being as funny. Or funny at all.