Quick Review: 22 Jump Street

I’ll keep this one a quick, spoiler free!

This past weekend Melissa and I went with our good friend Evan to go see “22 Jump Street”. I’ll be honest, I was extremely hesitant to go see this movie. I felt as if the first film (“21 Jump Street”) a comedy based on the old Johnny Depp starring 80’s series about young police officers that go undercover as high school students, was probably one of the funniest movies I have seen in a really long time and I just felt that a sequel would run the risk of not being as funny. Or funny at all.

And I was wrong.

22 Jump Street

“22 Jump Street” made me laugh so hard from it that it made my stomach hurt. Jonah Hill and ChanningTatum are fantastic in this movie, yet again. Unlike some more recent comedy sequels, (the only ones I can think of right now are The Hangover sequels) this one definitely allowed for repeated jokes and an extremely similar formula, but it was still funny.

I don’t think there is a comedy out so far this summer that would leave you as exhausted from laughing as this one did. If you want a good time, go check out “22 Jump Street”. If you haven’t seen the first one, check that one out as well. I can only hope that they make a 3rd film, and I hope that they have to go undercover in an officer or something, like that, I think that would be great!

In closing this extremely brief review, I think this one, like the first Jump Street, is definitely a Blu Ray buy. Something worth watching over and over again.

Let me know your thoughts below!


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