WWE Fans: Are We Too Over-Critical of the Current WWE Product?

Recently, I have witnessed similar comments all over the internet. “WWE’s current product sucks!”. While I am not exactly a fan of the way WWE has booked their product since last year’s TLC World Title Unification, I can’ say it’s all bad. Here are some of the biggest complaints about the WWE and why we’re maybe being a bit too harsh. [...]

WWE Doing Away With Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View?

There is a rumor circulating that the WWE could be doing away with its standard February Pay-Per-View offering Hell in a Cell. Word is that being that there is now only one Heavyweight Championship, the Chamber match is almost a waste to be done in between the Royal Rumble, where a Number One Contender is made, and Wrestlemania, where the Number One Contender gets his shot at the title. I feel that this is a great move and a step in the right direction for the company. [...]