WWE’s Missed WRESTLEMANIA Opportunity

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WWE’s Missed WRESTLEMANIA Opportunity

By: Justice

Well, here we are again on the end of the road to Wrestlemania. This year’s show of shows is highlighted by the main event of Roman Reigns challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE title.

However, Reigns has been steadily getting booed and Lesnar just decided that he wants to be in the WWE. This looks like a disaster waiting to happen. However, the WWE had the perfect opportunity to build a main event for this year’s show a year in advance and instead blew it big time. How you ask? Well, I wouldn’t be much of a writer if I didn’t share, now would I?


Last year, the WWE introduced a storyline that fell flat on it’s face due to distrust, lack of
confidence and Vince McMahon’s lack of foresight. That storyline revolved around one man. Cesaro. Now, we know the tale. Cesaro wins the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 30 and everyone thinks that it would be the launching point of Cesaro’s career. Cut to the next night when Paul Heyman announces that he now is in charge of Cesaro’s career, the WWE universe thought it was only a matter of time until Cesaro was main-eventing pay-per-view’s. However, Cesaro’s stock dropped, he dumped Heyman as a manager and drifted aimlessly until finally teaming with Tyson Kidd . But, imagine what could have been?

The WWE put Cesaro with Heyman to elevate his career. So, after RAW, Cesaro could have gone on to get some big wins over some top babyfaces, establishing himself as a top guy. After wins over men like Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose and and Big Show, Cesaro would become the “television feud” for John Cena leading up to Cena’s match with Heyman’s other client, Brock Lesnar. After Cesaro gets a few controversal wins over Cena, he asks Heyman if he could be the next guy that faces Lesnar for the title. Heyman would keep Cesaro away from the idea, which only serves to anger Cesaro. The breaking point would come at Survivor Series when Paul Heyman brokers a deal to have Cesaro become a member of Team Authority behind his back.Cesaro gets angry and leaves team Authority and joins Team Cena. This puts Cesaro up against new competition and leads him to the biggest night of his career, winning the 2015 Royal Rumble.

Now at Wrestlemania this year, Cesaro, an Internet Wrestling Community-backed guy,
would get the shot at Lesnar, a story a year in the making. And when Cesaro wins the WWE championship, it feels more real and organic rather than pushed down the fans throats. This is an example of how WWE booking has failed in the past and will continue to do so in the future. missing the easy ones hurts the most.

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