From flammable’s vault #1

From flammable’s vault #1

In my first BLOG I said that I would talk about websites among other things. Now I don’t have much time to actually scour the internet looking for interesting websites to showcase on this site. So I’m just going to rely on all of you to IM me fun sites…you can do my dirty work.

This occasion is no different. Sure enough flammable, a former resident of mine at school (did I mention I was a Resident Assistant at school?) has sent me a pretty funny website, and I think it’s worth a quick view.

So here it is, from flammable’s vault:

Enjoy, send comments and/or complaints (leave a comment, I think its set up so that anyone can do it now).


PS Send me links to some good sites and I’ll put them up.

2 thoughts on “From flammable’s vault #1

  1. anonymous says:

    WAHOO who cares about that stuff you are cool! good luck with your paper and i will try to get the the book asap to help you out!!

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