Wrestlemania 21 predictions

Wrestlemania 21 predictions

Now I know if there is anyone out there actually reading my BLOG that many of you could give a shit about wrestling, let alone Wrestlemania 21. But…and it’s a big but, I do, and I’m going to do it anyway.

The following is the Wrestlmania 21 card as of today from WWE.com

So here goes:

World Heavyweight Championship: Batista vs. Triple H

Triple H is the man but I see The Animal Batista going over on the game in the main event of Mania. His win may usher in a huge babyface (good guy) into the main event scene even bigger than Chris Beniot last year and definitely bigger than Randy Orton. Its been a great couple of months reading up on what the WWE has been doing with Batista (Spike isn’t one of the channels we get at school here, so when I home I’ll watch every now and then but I mostly read up on all of the antics on RAW) and I hope that they don’t drop the ball with him at the biggest PPV of the year.

Prediction: Winner and New World Champion: Batista

WWE Championship: John Cena vs. JBL
JBL as the WWE Champion has made this last year watching Smackdown the hardest thing to watch. Recently I’ve actually gotten used to seeing JBL (formerly known as Bradshaw—John Bradshaw Leifield—JBL) as a heel (bad guy) but I can’t see him as a champion. He cannot possibly carry the show properly and his move set in the ring is very limited. I think he is this decades Diesel (Kevin Nash) who won the title and held on to it for a little under a year and was considered up until JBL to be the worst audience drawing champion ever. JBL is now the worst audience drawing champion ever–congratulations.
As for John Cena, personally, I like John Cena, he reminds me slightly of Stone Cold Steve Austin, doing what he wants, when he wants, he even made his own US title (the pimped out version later destroyed by JBL and Orlando Jordan) and he even clashed with the General Manager like Austin did. But I think they may be straying a little too close to Austin. John Cena is not Stone Cold Steve Austin, no one ever will be, there is only one Austin, and he unfortunately is retired from in ring work.
Is it John Cena’s time for the WWE championship? I don’t think so. Maybe another round for Eddie Guerro would have been nice to see. I think Cena’s title should have been the US title for at least another six months or so. Perhaps winning the WWE championship at SummerSlam in August, but I degress…

Prediction: Winner and New WWE Champion: John Cena

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

I think this match has potential to steal the show. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle vs The Showstopper HBK Shawn Michaels. Both former multi-WWE Champions, both former multi-Tag Team champions, both former euro and ic champions. Is it a dream match? Goldberg VS Austin is a dream match. Rock VS Hogan was a dream match. Angle vs Michaels is a match that we haven’t seen simply because neither man has ever been on the other show at the same time with a storyline together.

I don’t have much to say about this one but if it disappoints, the only people to blame are the people behind the scenes. Both men are great at what they do and I cannot possibly see them messing this match up. It has potential to be one of the main events (I see this mania having four, the two above matches, this one, and the Orton/Taker match).

I for some reason do not see either of these two around in the ring for more than two to three more years, Michaels’ back and Angle’s neck problems, but I also don’t see Shawn Michaels’ winning this match.

Prediction: Winner: Kurt Angle

Piper’s Pit with Stone Cold Steve Austin

I am actually just a bit curious about Piper’s Pit at WM 21. Rowdy Roddy Piper was the bad boy during the 80’s and Stone Cold Steve Austin was the bad boy during the 90’s. It would be great to see them together in the ring interacting.

These two controversial figures in pro wrestling, as far as I know, have never interacted with each other in their current incarnations; which leads to a very exciting confrontation. I saw a poll on http//www.wrestlezone.com that Piper’s Pit in the most anticipated segment at WM 21.

Now I don’t agree with this, but I will say that I’m just a bit curious about it.

Prediction: Winner: No Contest (Should be a great time though)

Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match

From this match, I don’t see either Christian, Shelton Benjamin or Kane winning at all. Not that I don’t think they would deserve it, I think Wrestlemania should be left for those who will outshine the rest of the bunch and should win.

Kane always seems to get at least one PPV main event every year and some how always gets himself in contention for the match, so he shouldn’t get it.

Christian doesn’t seem ready yet, he should probably be feuding with Shelton Benjamin for the IC championship or with Regal/Tajiri for the tag gold with Tyson Tomko. (In all actuality I hope that they re-team Edge and Christian so that they back each other up (maybe not as a tag team but as the brothers that they once were) they still work well together).

Shelton Benjamin still has a good year left in him to run with the IC title and many storylines chasing it. I think he’s still too new and should be kept away from the main title for at least a year and a half, just like I would have Cena away for another six months to build up more of a solid storyline.

Jericho, Beniot and Edge are the only three that would deserve it.

Jericho won’t win it because the WWE shit on him back in 2002 when they had him drop the title to Triple H. The next time he had an actual title shot was late last year in an impromptu World Championship match on RAW.

Beniot shouldn’t even be in a shit match like this, he main evented Wrestlemania fucking 20 last year, he should be close to the top of the card instead he’s in a six man ladder match.

Edge is the only one I see coming out of this one as the actual winner, Batista winning the World Championship can only mean a rematch at Backlash with Triple H and then moving on to another contender at Bad Blood, that being Edge and possibly continuing on through the summer with another one-on-one match at Vengeance and then triple threat match at Summerslam or something like that.
Prediction: Winner: Edge

Women’s Championship: Christy vs. Trish

Don’t care, Christy would be an abomination of a champion and shouldn’t even be in a title match against Trish. It’s a damn shame when two great wrestlers like Molly Holly and Victoria get shitted on.
Prediction: Winner and Still champion: Trish

Undertaker vs. Randy Orton

This will probably be put in between the Cena/JBL and Batista/Trip match and be considered a main event.

I don’t think Orton should win, I think the winning streak is important t o the legacy of the Undertaker and shouldn’t be given to such a failure as Randy Orton.

I liked Randy Orton, but at some point between Summerslam 04 and now he began to act desperate, and perhaps it is simply because the WWE got desperate to see him succeed. YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE WE DON’T LIKE TO BE ON TOP! (JBL case in point).

Orton should loose, move to Smackdown and hunt Taker down himself. Maybe even strap the WWE championship on him since it has become a lesser championship then the World Title.

Takers time is coming to an end soon, maybe two-three years, let him leave with his legacy.

Prediction: Winner: Undertaker

Sumo Match: Big Show vs. Akebono

Like the women’s match, don’t care, won’t mean anything after mania, unless Akebono signs a contract to wrestle.

Prediction: Winner: Big Show (By default)

Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

This is what we call a curtain opener, the one match that will fire up the crowd without giving too much away from the rest of the show. Unless anything else is added, this will start Mania 21, I can almost put money on it.

Sad too, Eddie Guerrero was in the Smackdown main event last year. Oh well, no WWE Championship no main event, might as well be opening the show I guess. Its better than not being in it at all I guess.

Prediction: Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Here is a poll that I’ve come across about the last possible remaining matches at Mania 21, enjoy: http://www.insidepulse.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=&Number=42407&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5&o=&fpart=&vc=#Post42407

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