I know this is probably just a rumor for Die Hard 4, but, I figured I would post it. I have been following Die Hard 4 for a long time now (now called Die Hard 4.0), probably since I first got on the internet back in 1997 (its almost been 10 years, wow).

And the word was always going around that Ben Affleck was going to be John McClain’s partner or something like that. But word has it that someone else is going to take the part (which in fact is supposed to be John Jr. last seen in the original Die Hard film).

The following is from

“Timberlake To “Die Hard”?
Posted: Monday April 4th, 2005 1:40pm
Source: Moviehole
Author: Garth Franklin

Bruce Willis thinks Justin Timberlake ‘has got it’ because he’s gunning for the lithe heartthrob to join him for the next “Die Hard” reports Moviehole. Willis and Timberlake apparently got along well on the set of “Alpha Dog” and now, Willis is trying to coax him into playing his on-screen son in “Die Hard 4.0”.

John Jr, John McClane’s son, was featured in the original “Die Hard”. In the next film, he’ll be older – and with sister Lucy gets entangled in Dad’s latest adventure. “This ‘ plot has supposed computer warfare and apparently contains both John Jr and Lucy McClane” adds the source noting that Timberlake is under consideration, but not a lock.

Ben Affleck was rumoured to be in the running to play McClane’s son – but the studio are (and not surprisingly) looking for someone with a bit more ‘pull’ at the moment.

Thanks to ‘Rock My Body'”

Yes, Justin Timberlake apparently is rumored to be in line for John Jr. What the fuck? How is that possibly. How does Justin Timberlake have more pull in Hollywood than Ben Affleck. I know Affleck’s last couple of movies haven’t been the greatest (thinking about it, the last two movies with his name on them were Jersey Girl and Surviving Christmas–I actually saw Jersey Girl and didn’t mind it, fuck anyone who thinks that Kevin Smith shouldn’t matture as a director. Every director has the right to move on from the projects they did in the past. Thanks to all those fan boy loser he is now returning back to film “The Passion of the Clerks” and I don’t see myself watching that film. I’m more for Smith doing something outside of his little View Askew Universe–but whatever, getting back on track). Timberlake over Affleck. I’m beside myself at such a rumor. By tomorrow it’ll probably be someone’s joke rumor that was put out there, but for now its a huge “what the fuck are they thinking” type of a rumor.

You know someone somewhere is thinking how they could make a movie with Bruce Willis and Justin Timberlake as an action movie.

I love the Die Hard trilogy, and if it isn’t meant to be then don’t make it. Do not add to what is already a classic action trilogy.


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  1. anonymous says:

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  2. socramforever says:

    Yes, I’ve been checking out for a long time, its a great site. If it isn’t there then the movie doesn’t exist. (Well that’s a lie, you just have to look closer for it) thank you for the site recomendaiton, I use it a lot during the day.

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