Brosnan to return to Bond and small Die Hard 4.0 update

Brosnan to return to Bond and small Die Hard 4.0 update

About four months ago, the producers of the Bond franchise decided to drop Pierce Brosnan from the James Bond role and try going with someone else. They even started the screen tests for it too. But very recently, MGM was sold to Sony (who also own Columbia and Tristar pictures as well as the MGM studio lot—so it was only fitting that MGM the company was sold to them as well).

Brosnan was highly upset about not being asked to come back again. They also signed the director that directed Goldeneye in and the film is going to be Casino Royale which was made into a film years before and this will actually be the remake of it (Casino Royale was originally not apart of the current mythology of Bond—there are only two films that have Bond in it that are not apart of MGM’s mythology of James Bondàthe original Casino Royale ( explains this film: “Casino Royale was ‘Fleming, Ian’ ‘s first James Bond novel. It was the only one not sold to Eon Productions. As a result, CBS TV first adapted it for an episode of Climax! in 1954, starring Barry Nelson as CIA agent Jimmy Bond. When plans began to adapt the novel as a motion picture, the original thought was to do a straight film of the novel. But with the success of Sean Connery’s Bond, it was decided the only way a rival Bond film could survive would be as a parody.”) and Never Say Never Again (which according to is explained that: “This “Bond film” was not part of the franchise produced by MGM and Danjaq. Kevin McClory, who was producer and co-writer of Thunderball (1965), won a legal battle against Ian Fleming to make his own Bond movie. The settlement stipulated that it had to effectively be a remake of Thunderball.”) Anyway, the film was supposed to be a restarting of the franchise with a lot less action and special effects and bringing the series back to its roots.

I found the following article today on (shockingly)

“Pierce Brosnan, who reportedly had been ousted from the role of James Bond by MGM and EON, the company that produces the Bond movies, may return to the role after all, according to reports appearing in British tabloids today (Tuesday). Many quoted a posting on the Dark Horizons website from someone claiming to be an MGM insider, who wrote: “The buzz is that, ultimately, the filmmakers would like Pierce Brosnan back [for the upcoming Casino Royale]. All the stuff we heard about Brosnan being out is just a ploy from both camps. The negotiations between Brosnan and EON came to an end because, in the last year, things were up in the air, thanks to all the organizational changes taking place,” (a reference to Sony’s acquisition of MGM). “Sony are not in a gambling mood,” the message continued. “They could lose more with an unknown actor, or with an experienced but unpopular actor. They’re well aware that you just can’t place any actor in this role.” The report comes only days after it was widely reported that Clive Owen was being courted to play Bond, something that Owen himself has denied. In the latest development, the Scottish website reported today that Scottish soap star Gavin Carlys had landed the Bond role. “I suppose I just got lucky,” Carlys was quoted as saying. “I’m happy I was chosen for the role. I test-screened my bollocks off.””

So, take it what you will. Dark Horizons put it up and I trust that it is from a reliable source. Garth Franklin very rarely is wrong in my opinion. also put up an article about Justine Timberlake being sought out for Die Hard 4.0 so that shit must be true now. Apparently he is doing a really great acting job in a movie coming out later this year called “Alpha Dog” and Bruce Willis really likes his acting. So whatever…FUCK! I can’t believe Justine Timberlake will most likely be in Die Hard 4.0.

I’m bummed.


On the bright side, Pierce Brosnan will probably play James Bond, so that’s not a total loss.

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