I saw SAW recently and I thought that it was a sick sick movie. It was good, it got a 8 out of 10 stars for simply making me cringe. I knew that they have been making progress with a sequel and here is some information from :

“Wan Talks “Saw 2” & “Silence”
Posted: Thursday April 7th, 2005 12:27am
Source: Bloody Disgusting
Author: Garth Franklin

James Wan, director of “Saw” spoke with Bloody Disgusting about how the sequel is progressing and how he and co-writer Leigh Whannel’s next project “Silence” is progressing.

In regards to “Saw 2” he says “We’re in the process of casting for SAW2 right now. Its definite that Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell are both coming back…you find out that Shawnee’s character did not learn to appreciate the second chance that she earned from the first film. And Tobin’s character, Jigsaw, is a prominent figure in this one. People will get to see what makes this guy tick…Leigh has agonized over the writing to make it as good as he possibly could, in such a short amount of time.”

And as for their next film – “I’m directing, it has finally received the greenlight from Universal. Silence could not be anymore different than Saw 2, even though they’re both in the same genre. Its not about blood and guts, its all about scare and atmosphere. Its going to be the definitive ghost story. I only want to make the scariest film ever.””

I’m excited about both these movies, there hasn’t been a really scary movie in the theater in a long time, and don’t give me that shit about The Ring being scary, it was scary, but not the EXTREME. No one has been able to make a good scary movie in a long time. So here’s hoping that they are able to pull it off somehow.


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