enterthepat has things to say…

My friend enterthepat IMed me today and said the follow:

enterthepat: hey man…cool blog
enterthepat: I want to write a blog about this last week I had…
enterthepat: I was flooded, robbed, and dumped all in the same week

Pat, if you read this, go ahead and write a BLOG about last week, Rant all you want about everything that happened. I have enough to write about things that have happened recently about two worthless human beings at work, I just need to find the time to write it.

If you have the time to write one, write a BLOG, I’ll post it for you! E-mail me. Socramforever@yahoo.com

Also thank you for commenting on the BLOG, if you or anyone else have any suggestions about the BLOG please feel free to message me, comment on the site, or whatever.


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