Melissa’s Rant

Melissa has had some crazy shit happen to her this year, and some crazy people in her life. I made her do a rant so she could feel better. I think it worked.

Let’s hope she doesn’t do a better job at ranting then I do, (I need to find time to rant on my two worthless co-workers).


I am absolutely confused right now. I am so tired of these people and this school. I wonder when asking a simple fucking favor from someone who has asked you for favors before became a capital crime. Not only that but when the favor benefits them also? I don’t get it. But whatever in a month who are they and what impact will they have in my life. Other then to keep on proving my theory that everyone is shady and you can never really trust anymore. If you’re going to try and stay biased…. And preach it to others….then do it and don’t play both side. It just proves you’re shady. Now, I’m not pointing out anyone in particular, because everyone does it, just don’t be to pretentious to realize your just as guilty as the next person. Including myself. But I’m done with all that and I’m over it because in 36 days I wont ever have to see any of these people again unless I want to.

It was Marcos’ idea for me to write this and he’s a smart guy because it really helped. If anyone really wants a true and loyal friend and someone they can really depend on Marcos is the guy. And that not just because I’m his girlfriend. Rarely do you meet people like him and in the four years we have been together he has taught me more and been there for me more than any other friend I have had (other than my family). Just remember we all will wake up one day and realize all the people we have mistreated and fucked over. How are you going to feel then?

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