Four Years

This may get a little sappy, so if you’re not the type skip it.

Today marks the forth year that I’ve been with the love of my life. Its been an amazing ride and it just keeps getting more exciting as the years continue. This summer will be our fifth summer and I for one am looking very forward to it. Looking back at the years we have definately grown a lot in four years, I mean we were just 18-19 when we first met and now we’re 22-23 and we will hopefully be getting an apartment in a few months. Hopefully we’ll be moving on with our lives.

I love Melissa, she’s been everything to me and she has not only been my girlfriend for the last four years but has been my best friend, someone that I could tell everything to and spend my entire day with and not get tired of talking to. We’ve hit a couple of bumps in the road of our relationship, but we’ve dealt with them all like all great relationships do and we’ll continue to get those bumps for as long as we’re together. But I know that she is the person I want to be with for the rest of my life.

I love you Melissa.

Happy 4th Anniversary.

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