Matt Hardy new WWE owner…

The following was taken from and I just laughed:

Matt Hardy Buys WWE
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– Henry Walk @ 10:07 am EDT

The following is only a spoof, not to be taken seriously.

From The Spoof:

A surprise press conference was held today at the offices of World Wrestling Entertainment to announce the company’s new owner. Matt Hardy.

Hardy was terminated from the company over a week ago due to what they claimed was “inapproprate internet actions”. This action had to do with a situation between his former girlfriend, Amy “Lita” Dumas, and Adam “Edge” Copland. Hardy recieved the news while on the injured list for a torn ACL.

The support he recieved was overwhelming to say the least. From posts on his website to online petitions by fans wanting the WWE to rehire Hardy back , filled the web.
One form of support came from fans in the form of WWE stock. Hardy aquired 20 percent of the campany as a way to “get back at the company”,according fans of Hardy.
Still feeling deeply hurt and vengeful, Hardy took it upon himself to see how muchmore stock he could purchase with the huge amount of money he had saved while working for the WWE…and selling Lita’s used panties on E-Bay.

With a stroke of luck, an investment web site was selling WWE stock at ten cents a share. Which was nine cents more than it was really worth.
Hardy purchased as much stock as he could. After all was said and done, Hardy had aquired 99 percent of company, with the remaining stock owned by the MacMahon family.

The press conference was attended by Vince MacMahon, his wife Linda, and the WWE board members. Vince made the announcement about the the change over. It was said he had a tear in his eye.

Matt Hardy then took over the event saying how happy he was returning to the WWE and how, as the new owner, will make changes that will bring fans back to the world of wrestling.

The list of changes includes:

-More wrestling, less storylines.
-Cancel the new diva search contest(which was greeted by cheers from the press)
-Push younger talent to create new superstars.
-Rehire Rhyno and Molly Holly.
-More wrestling, less storylines.
-Firing all divas who cannot wrestle.(which leaves only 2)
-Have John Cena kicked in the crotch by every employee in the company for ruining the WWE championship belt
-And more wrestling, less storylines.

It was at this point that Vince MacMahon started screaming .”He’s crazy! No storylines?! Actual wrestling on a wrestling program?! He’ll ruin this company!” After that he fainted.

But the real question was what will be Hardy’s plans for Edge and Lita.
“Well as for Edge, I see a new direction for his character.” said Hardy. “He’ll come to the ring dressed in a giant diaper, cry like a baby, and poop his pants. I know it will never get over with the fans, but what do I care. He f****ed me over!”

Lita will be sent to the companys development camp, OVW. And the only way she can get back to the WWE is doing something involving the number 37. Something, Hardy says, that Kevin Smith fans would get.

The changes will start the monday after the next Raw PPV, Backlash.

And on a side note, Triple H is filing for divorice from Stephanie MacMahon. The couple have been married for nearly 2 years.
He has also been seen sending secret admire notes to Matt Hardy, declairing his love for the new owner.

For those of you who don’t like wrestling, I’m sorry, I just thought this was funny. It actually originated on and made its way to I think its funny, its showing people who much Matt Hardy (here’s a pic was liked and how he was wrongfully released by the WWE for speaking his mind (although by doing so was hurting many currently storylines about certain people and characters) on his website about his girlfriend (now ex) and friend (again no ex friend) and how they have been spending time together.

The Spoof also brings up some good points on how to change the WWE and make it better. I won’t get into it, but I think its funny and should be seen that the people (the wrestling fans watching) are speaking and they are very displeased at what has happened. Personally, I hope that Matt Hardy makes his way to NWA-TNA along with Brock Lesnar and kick WWE in the balls for the type of bad programing they have been putting on since 2003.

I’ve said my piece.


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