Sports fans can now get casket in teams colors

I’m not a big sports fan at all. I mean I’ll watch the World Series if the Yankees are in it. I’ll watch the Super Bowl…but not really, I don’t even care about the comericals, they haven’t been that great in recent years. The only thing I can even consider to be a sport (and it is more sport entertainment then just sport) is Professional Wrestling. But this, which I found off of, confirms how crazy fans can be.

We’ve all seen sports fans tattooing (is that even a word) their favorites sports teams symbol on their bodies, we’ve seen the obsessed fans painting their faces, we’ve seen the jackets and the jerseys and all the stereotypical things that idiot fans do for their teams…even if the team never wins (or worst wins till it is most important **cough EAGLES cough **).

Anyway, now Columbian soccer fans can be burried in a coffin that has their team’s colors on it. What fucking lives these people must live that they would want that. I don’t think I’ll have any special color or theme for my coffin. I can only imagine this craze spreading over here…in fact I’m shocked that in this country people haven’t thought about this yet. Someone being burried in a giant football or a coffin that literally has the symbol of their favorite baseball team would probably be how this concept will be translated over here.

Here’s the article, plus picture:

Colombian fans can get caskets in team colors
Posted: Wednesday April 20, 2005 9:24PM; Updated: Wednesday April 20, 2005 9:24PM

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — Colombian soccer fans who live for their team can now be buried with the club too — thanks to a Medellin funeral parlor that is offering caskets in their favorite team’s colors.

“Some might think it’s a little extreme, but Colombians really adore soccer,” said Camilo Andres Jaramillo, the manager of the San Vicente funeral parlor that makes caskets for soccer-crazed fans in Colombia’s second-biggest city.

The funeral parlor offers caskets in green for Atletico Nacional and red for Independiente Medellin. Fans can also have an embroidered club emblem stitched to the inside lining of the casket lid.

The idea first came from a soccer aficionado a decade ago, and sales have steadily increased since then, Jaramillo said. His company now makes up to two soccer caskets per month.

They go for about $300 each, around 10 percent more than a normal casket, he said. The teams don’t get a share of the profits.

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You know the end of the world is soon when things like this happen.


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