All work and no play…at all!

Yeah, so, I’ve been working pretty much all weekend, and it doesn’t feel like I have accomplished anything. I just got back from brunch (which aside from dinner, working at the car dealership, and sleep,and aside from that I haven’t actually done anything else but work.

Honestly I’m almost done with one project, but I guess I didn’t realize how involved this fucking thing was going to be. Its due Tuesday, so I need to get it done ASAP.

Here is my laundry list, without names:

Project #1–Due Tuesday 4/26
Project #2–Due Friday 4/29
Project #3-4 (but I am considering just one project)–Due Thursday 5/5
Project 5-6 (but like 3-4 I am also considering this just one project)–Due Friday 5/6

So, I’m busy. I just wanted to clarify for everyone why it is you don’t see me, or why I don’t respond back to you messages.

Pray for me…I just want to get this stuff done!


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