Ghost Rider movie info and pics

Yes, I’ve finally crawled out from under that rock (called work) and I am continuing my work in the sunlight. I am so stressed out with the amount of work due the next two weeks…I need a moment to post something…ha!

Anyway, Nic Cage has been attached to Ghost Rider since… around the time that he became unattached from Superman (around 98-99). I was never a big Ghost Rider comic fan, I never really liked it that much, it kind of looked like someone was trying to rip on the headless horsman idea and put the guy on a motercycle (with a flaming head!) About six to nine months ago it was said that the film would start shooting soon. And sure enough it has.

The following picture was taken from

Is it just me or does this look like The Punisher…I don’t know why.

Anyway, just to differenciate between Ghost Rider the comic book and Ghostwriter that little tv series here are two pics:

Also, just in case you don’t remember the Ghostwriter tv series go here:

Am I looking forward to the Ghost Rider movie? I’m looking just as forward to it as I was looking forward to The Punisher, I could care less. Just another big waste of money.


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