Snipes sues New Line over Blade: Trinity

Almost done I promise. I saw this and thought: “how nice?” Your movie sucked and now you want to make a little bitch about it. You know complaining about a movie should be done before the first reel is put into the camera. Why didn’t he say something before hand.

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Snipes sues Goyer, New Line for $5 mil over BLADE: TRINITY

Because the movie sucked.


You’ll recall that Snipes was quite unhappy with the movie, and co-stars seemed to hint the star was quite unhappy and aloof during the shoot. Now it’s time for Snipes’ side of the story. According to Variety:

In a suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Snipes alleges that in violation of his contract, the director, screenplay and supporting cast of “Blade: Trinity” were forced on him. He also claims he’s still owed a portion of his fee and that he was harassed and defamed because of his race. New Line declined to comment.

Goyer penned all three “Blade” scripts. According to the complaint, however, Snipes had concerns about him directing the third film in the trilogy and was not informed until six weeks before filming began that Goyer would direct. Similarly, he was not given an opportunity to object to the “juvenile level of humor” in the screenplay and the change in focus from the Blade character to two sidekicks. Snipes claims the real purpose of “Blade III” was to set the stage for spinoffs featuring other cast members.

Snipes blames Goyer for the critical response to the film, citing reviews describing Goyer as a “disastrous choice” and calling the film a “bloody mess.” Film, released last December, has grossed $52 million at the domestic box office.

Snipes is allegedly owed $3 mil for the movie. He also says he felt isolated and alone on the set, because the defendants hired only white people, and that a crew member was allowed to wear t-shirts with racist slogans without reprimand.

TRANSLATION: The honeymoon is OVER.

Anyway, the film was a far cry from being good, and no where near the first two films. But I’ll buy it for three reasons, #1 Triple H was in it, #2 Ryan Renolds is a funny man and #3 Jessica Biel…that last one needs no real reason and probably could be the only reason, but I needed more to justify buying the dvd (I mean Melissa liked it…and she likes Triple H and Ryan Renolds…ok fine Jessica Biel is my reason for buying the dvd…and Triple H…)

Anyway, I think this situation is funny. I mean, your movie sucked! Deal with it. It happens.

Whatever. Enjoy the experience on the first two and move on. I’m sure there will be more movies to come your way. We really don’t have any action movie stars anymore they all either got elected into a government position or they are not making action movies anymore.

I’m done.

Back to work.


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