‘The Birds’ are going to fly again

One of the most terrifying movies of its era, directed by a master, Alfred Hitchcock is about to be remade by none other than Michael Bay. Yes that’s right, my Michael Bay, the man, the one behind The Amityville Horror and Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies (By the way, I’m not going to get around to making a Amityville Horror Review, so I’ll give you this:



I didn’t think very highly of it. It was generic and wanted to be The Shinning too too much. Sorry. I thought Texas Chainsaw Masacre was better…or maybe it was because of Jessica Biel…I don’t really know…but I liked it better.

Anyway, my mother used to always talk about the birds, then she rented and showed it to me, and I never really got into it, because it didn’t catch my attention like movies do now. But she loved it, she bought it a couple of years later.

Then, last year, both my parents went to California for some business thing my mom had and they went to the town that it was shot at and went crazy over it. I don’t know if they’ll shoot it again there but all I know is that the original has a lot of history with my mom.

We did have the unfortunate accident of seeing the attempt at a sequel, The Birds II: Lands End. I won’t even subject you with an IMDB.com search for a site for that piece of shit sequel. If you really want to look for it go here: http://www.imdb.com and search for the movie.

Anyway, word has it that Michael Bay, my favorite action director is remaking the movie. Or at least his production company is.

Here is the article, taken from Darkhorizons.com:

“The Birds” To Fly Again
Posted: Tuesday April 26th, 2005 2:25pm
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Author: Garth Franklin

“The Birds,” Alfred Hitchcock’s classic 1963 horror tale, looks to be taking flight again as a Universal Pictures remake according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes company (“The Amityville Horror”, “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) is in negotiations to produce the new film which would be a much closer adaptation of the short story by Daphne Du Maurier, to which Universal owns the rights and which inspired Hitchcock’s movie.

Tippi Hedren starred in the original thriller about increasingly vicious birds that terrorize a small town. Recent Hitchcock remakes include “A Perfect Murder” and “Psycho” in 1998, and the currently in development “Strangers on a Train” at Warners.

Thanks to ‘Flapper’

I’m excited. I’m sure my mom will hate it some how. Not that she hates movies or remakes, but this is a classic and probably should have never been touched. (JUST LIKE PSYCHO! HOW DARE THEY REMAKE THAT!!!! But they did, and not only that but they used the exact same script and shot list to remake it. It was the very first time anyone has literally remade a movie…sick!) Hopefully all goes well with it.



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