What work will do to you…

So, I got in trouble for posting on my BLOG yesterday. Melissa actually looked at my BLOG for once, and today of all days. I kind of had a feeling I shouldn’t have posted as much, but I went a little crazy and lost major track of time. In truth, when I was done, I looked and saw that my posting covered about forty minutes of valuable time and I almost considered deleting them and re-posting them later.

Anyway, Melissa took a picture of me working and I decided to post it.

Yeah, so I fucking turned into a cat after all the work that I did. I mean it happens. Not often, but it happens. I was actually afraid of getting gray hairs or an ulcer, but this is fine. Could be worst. I could be worm or something.

Oh well. Maybe somebody would scratch my belly and make me feel better. Now that…that would be cool.

Hopefully tomorrow I won’t turn into a duck or spider or something with the rest of the work I have to do.


4 thoughts on “What work will do to you…

  1. socramforever says:

    First of all you didnt get in trouble. I was simply wondering why if you all this shit to do you posted 5 times in one day. It was just a question. Anyway with all the work i have been helping you with i deserve something that sparkles….. like DIAMONDS!!!!hahahah, no seriously. ohh well its almost over and i didnt notice any difference in body hair between this picture and what you really look like…. JUST KIDDING. I love u fat kid.

  2. socramforever says:

    WHOA! I was hacked by Melissa! This is scary.

    And what was that body hair remark? I’ll show you where my body hair is!

  3. socramforever says:

    yeah, I went a little crazy yesterday, I’m burnt out…lol. I’m going to take it easy, I don’t want to make people feel like I post too too much. LOL

    Maybe its too late for that.

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