has article saying that the end is near?

I’ve always been big into the whole propecy thing, like Nostrodomus (sp) and a bunch of other prophets that people probably have either never heard of or don’t care (another one that comes to mind is the Sleeping Prophet–that would put him under hypnosis and ask him question. This was around the late 1800’s early 1900’s. He supposedly knew about air plane pilots during WWI, he called them ‘Pig Men’. Interestingly enough, if you looked at the pilots during WWI they had masks to cover their noses (much much different then the masks that they have today) and they actually looked like pigs! He also would go on to see the atomic bomb, or a big explosion that man would cause. Those are the only two names I can recall right now.

Anyway, of all websites, is calling for the end of the world. I was a little hesitant to post this one, I’m not big on putting religious things up, but seeing that its about propecy shit, I figured someone would like to read it.

Here it is from

Doomsayers Say Benedict Fits World End Prophecy

By Phil Stewart Thu Apr 28, 9:17 AM ET

ROME (Reuters) – Pope Benedict’s ascent to the papacy took a conclave of 115 cardinals, four rounds of voting and followed a lifetime of service to the

But ask Internet doomsayers eyeing a 12th century Catholic prophecy and they’ll tell you it was all stitched up more than eight centuries ago and that judgment day is nigh.

The prophecy — widely dismissed by scholars as a hoax — is attributed to St. Malachy, an Irish archbishop recognized by members of the Church for his ability to read the future.

Benedict, believers say, fits the description of the second-to-last pope listed under the prophecy before the Last Judgement, when the bible says God separates the wicked from the righteous at the end of time.

“The Old Testament states: ‘believe his prophets and you will prosper’ — so believe it. We are close to the return of the Judge of the nations. Christ is coming,” wrote one Internet post by the Rev. Pat Reynolds.

“Thank God for the witness of St. Malachy.”

St. Malachy was said to have had a vision during a trip to Rome around 1139 of the remaining 112 Popes. The new pope would be number 111 on that list, and is described in a text attributed to St. Malachy as the “Glory of the Olive.”

To connect Benedict, a pale, bookish German, to anything olive takes some imagination. But Malachy-watchers point to the choice of the name Benedict — an allusion to the Order of Saint Benedict, a branch of which is known as the Olivetans.

“When (he) chose the name Benedict XVI, this was seen as fulfilling the prophecy for this pope,” wrote one entry on

Benedict said that he chose the name partly in honor of Pope Benedict XV (1914-1922), calling him a “courageous prophet of peace.” On Wednesday, Benedict dedicated his papacy to “the service of reconciliation and harmony between peoples.”

“Perhaps Benedict XVI will be a peacemaker in the Church or in the world, and thus carry the olive branch,” speculated

Another site,, went even further, showing a picture of Benedict holding olive branches in March during Palm Sunday celebrations.

“Is this the Pope of Peace (olive)?” it asked in the caption.

Critics widely dismiss the Malachy prophecy as a forgery and possible propaganda meant to influence a 16th century conclave. Doses of skepticism even appear on the most energetic Malachy web pages.

But believers point out similarities between the prophecy’s descriptions and past pontificates.
Pope John Paul II, number 110, was described in the prophecy as “de labore solis” — or “of the labor of the sun.”

He was born on May 18, 1920, the same day as a solar eclipse. The pontiff was buried on April 8, 2005 — the same day as a partial eclipse, visible in the Americas.

More pressing for doomsayers are the prophecy’s references to the last Pope on the list, Peter the Roman, who will lead the Church before “the formidable judge will judge his people.”

Since Benedict is already 78 years old, they say Peter the Roman must be coming soon, and with him, the end of the world.

“His reign will only last a few years at most. This signals that we are living in what may be the end of days as we know it,” said one Web Site entry by someone calling himself SmartBob.

Scary! or not really. People have been telling of the end of time since…well…the beginning of time really. I don’t think its the end of time, honestly. I’m too young. HA! Seriously, prophecies like that have been around forever and most of them never come true. And don’t you dare say that the Nostrodomus theory about the World Trade Center was true. There was no prophecy. That was a hoax! Now, if you can explain to me the Twenty Dollar Bill thing and 9/11 I’ll give you a cookie. Like who figured that thing out. (If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, find me, I’ll show you. That is if I have a Twenty Dollar Bill).


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