Yet another joke for the <b><i><blockquote>”Someone, quick, IM me something funny!!!! WHOO!!!! :-P”<

This time by bm knoxville, and it goes something like this:

so this guy walks into a pet store and sees this beautiful bird. he asks the store owner how much it is. “that bird is not for sale.” says the owner. “why not?” asks the man. “well,” says the owner, “it’s a super vicious attack bird…and it’s very dangerous. would you like to see a demonstration?”

the man agrees and the owner takes the bird out of the cage and rests him on the edge of his finger. “super vicious attack bird, chair!”

as he says this, the owner points to a chair in the corner. within seconds, the bird has destroyed the chair and only shavings are left on the ground. he then returns to the owner’s finger.

“oh my god!” says the man “i must have this bird”

“i’m sorry,” says the owner, “this bird is too dangerous to sell.”

after a while of haggling, the man manages to convince the owner to sell him the bird for a large sum of money.

later on that day, the man is walking around the streets with his beautiful bird. he feels so overjoyed that he doesn’t even realize when he turns down an alley in between two buildings.

suddenly, a large thug approaches him. “pretty bird.” says the thug. “i’ll take that and all your money.”

“i wouldn’t bother me,” says the man.

“why not?” asks the thug, with a grin on his face.

“because this is a super vicious attack bird.” the man points at the beautiful bird sitting on his shoulder.

“super vicious attack bird my ass.” says the thug…

Great variation on a joke I heard before, funny, very funny!


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