I’ll be back

I won’t be on line for a bit, I’m going to be taking care of my cat while my parents are away from saturday till wednesday, melissa will be back up sunday night for her graduation only to go back down and stay at home till thursday or friday, I’m leaving tonight and staying home, I need a rest.

We’ll be moving in to our apartment on Saturday the 21st of May, hopefully with the help of Deanna and Anthony along with Evan later in the day and possibly adam along with the rentos and Melissa’s parents (and anyone else we can muster up.

I was actually going to write a big thing about how this is my last day on a dorm campus as a dorm resident, but I’m so busy I haven’t even had the chance too. I took pictures and all. Maybe one day in about a week or so when I’m back on line.

This isn’t good bye, its I’ll see you later, don’t forget that.

Take Care.


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