Justin Timberlake might play Two-Face?

This is probably the biggest what the fuck I’ve heard in a long time…since probably the last time Timberlake was said to have been in talks to be in a movie (Die Hard 4.0 playing John McClaine’s son).

Here is the article from cinescape.com:

Movie News
Timberlake is Two-Face About BATMAN Sequel

Dateline: Monday, July 4, 2005

Source: Tonight.co and Bang Media International

Rumors are going around that pop star Justin Timberlake is being considered for the role of Two-Face in the follow up to BATMAN BEGINS.

An anonymous source stated, “Justin would be a perfect choice. He is getting more and more into a film career alongside his music one.”

Now I don’t know how smart of an idea it would be to put Timberlake as Two-Face in the next film, besides, I thought it was supposed to be Joker giving the ending to Batman Begins.

Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Justin Timberlake might play Two-Face?

  1. anonymous says:

    yo marcos its a me carlo, i read it was just rumors and over exposure to the directors arent considering it, they are tooo smart for a qucik cash business move also i saw a movie picture of the joker and it said the new batman movie is coming out in 2008

  2. socramforever says:

    Interesting, I’m going to have to check my movie rumor sites.

    Good! It would be a bad decision. I did hear that a possible Joker would be Sean Penn. I don’t know if I believe it nor do I think that Sean Penn would do a Batman movie.

    Send me the link to your site.

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