Mathew Update

Mathew, the blog mascot, has started to eat a little bit, not nearly as much as he did about a week ago, but he seems to show signs of energy. He’s been drinking water and isn’t looking sickly or anything. I don’t understand it. I told my parents that once tuesday comes around to call the vet yet again. (They called the vet on Saturday and they told them to feed him things he likes so they bought Iams tuna and things like that for pets and he’s been munching on the tuna). I saw him eat last night, it wasnt’ much, but if its enough to sustain the little mammal than I’m happy.

Keep the puss in mind tonight, he’s a fuzzy animal but he is still a friend.


2 thoughts on “Mathew Update

  1. socramforever says:

    yeah, I was really worried about the little guy this past weekend.

    I just hope he keeps getting better and better.

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