Greystone story

So, today was the first time I went to the Greystone Psychiatric center…not for myself you assholes…I was dropping a doctor off who left his car at Warnock to be fixed.

Anyway, I get there and this girl is waiting outside the front door. She didn’t look all well and she runs over to the car and asks for a ride to the train station. The guy I dropped off turns around and shakes his head and mouths out:” SAY NO!” So I say to her, “No, sorry, I can’t…” I put the car into drive and tore out of there.

I didn’t even look back.

Later on (about twenty minutes ago) I take a car next door to the Ford store where the prep is for this entire area (I found out where we are on Ridgedale is consider “Car Row” so no car dealership wants to go anywhere else but here). So, I’m waiting for the guy to get off the phone so I can give him the keys to the car and I see on the screen saver on their computer behind him this: “Greystone Hospital Patient Payphone…” and the number.

So I ask him if it is the real number and he said yes, he just confirmed it last month. A friend of his was once there or something and ever since then they have had the phone number to the patients.

Here is the number: 973-455-9359

He had it on his cell phone, he showed it to me. So clearly he is someone who has a lot of time on his hands or likes to have a good time.

Here are some pics of Greystone:


4 thoughts on “Greystone story

  1. anonymous says:

    Dude, I work right by that huge building you took a picture of. When u were driving down the road to get into this place..i dont know if you noticed a wooden sign that said “Greystone Thrift Shop”…thats the road I work’s a cul-de-sac thing with a bunch of houses…anyways..yeah this place is fucking crazy…that main building is the criminally insane ward. I might be filling out an employment application for it soon though…i hear the pay is good lol. Apparently one of the employees got kicked in the chest by a patient about two years ago and died instantly…scary.

  2. socramforever says:

    Yeah, I shot out of there, to me it was almost like being in a “Living Dead” movie where all the crazies would be the living dead and I figured where one was the rest of them would soon be behind me to get into Chevy’s Uplander mini van. About fifteen of them could cram into the back like sardeens or something.

    Scary as shit story by the way, I definately think there are some massive fucking ghost that inhabit that place, and I doubt that it helps to make those people sane either. I think the place just has a whole bad vibe too.

  3. socramforever says:

    I kind of had a feeling it was you. I don’t think a random person would have said Dude…but you never know.

    Call me again soon, probably not this week but next week maybe we can do something.

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