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Yeah, I really don’t like the WWE Diva Search Contest, simply because it takes away from watching wrestling, but then again it really is just big sweaty men grouping each other isn’t it? So I might as well sit back and enjoy what little T and A the WWE decides to give us. Personally if it was a contest to find the best (meaning pretty and talented) female wrestler that would be great. But all they want are more females to give little teenage kids erections and make them buy their caledars (and occationally their Playboy magazines.

Am I bitching? No, I’m ranting, if I write long enough about something its considered part of the infamous rants that my first blog (from last year) was all about, maybe I’ll post something from then to see if anyone remembers (probably not). But I watch a wrestling show to see wrestling. Yes there is storyline thrown in there, just to make some sense of it all and not just have two people wrestling for no real reason. That’s fine with me, it was the reason I started watching back in late 1998 when the whole adittude era started. I was a young little hornball then and now I’m still just as horny but I wouldn’t be able to keep up as much as I did then.

Last year they had some good choices, not great, but Christy Hemme was never in my top choices at all. She was just weird and didn’t look pretty at all. She was a little to crazy looking then and has proven to be a very horrible wrestler simply because they hired her to be T and A and not someone who already had knowledge of the ring.

Here is a picture of Christy:

I guess the fans must like her, or that they have to pay her at least a quarter of a million dollars for the next year (or I guess until the end of the next diva search) or it would have been a waste.

They even got her in playboy. Granted Chyna was put into playboy, and yes she really is a woman, they had Sable and Torrie and then they even had Sable and Torrie together in playboy. Now you tell me which one of these would you buy. Christy’s:

Or Torrie Wilson’s:

And here is something that was shot on WWE tv with Torrie and Sable:

You know what, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I just think Christy was a poor decision, that she isn’t pretty. I mean she’s cute. But that’s it. I think Torrie is a much better diva, and she’s simply there for eye candy. They’ve given her stupid matches, but she knows she can’t wrestle worth a damn and does not try to. I mean, maybe more of you like Christy simply from the pictures that I’ve shown you. And they that she’s hot as hell. But I don’t, I get annoyed when she comes out and tries to talk.

And this Monday at RAW when I’m there at Continental Airlines Arena, they will be continuing the WWE Diva Search and I’m sure she’ll be coming out to talk about something stupid.

Everyone knows who I think should have won the last Diva Contest right? Joy Giovani. Here are some pics of her:

Yeah, I think if she won, she would have been a much better choice and a much better Playboy cover girl, but oh well. Maybe we’ll see her again somewhere else.

Moving on.

Like I was saying, there is a new Diva search going on right now, and I will be going to the Raw tomorrow July 11th with Melissa and her friend Erin from her job and I’m really excited. The last time I went to a Raw show was December of 2000 and I’m excited as all hell. Except for the Diva Search segment that I know will take about fifteen minutes to an hour of hour time. I can only hope that it will be at the very beginning. I mean if I was to enjoy it (which you couldn’t possibly enjoy at all) it would be on the tv at home so that you can actually see the WWE diva hopefulls instead of from your seat in an arena.

Anyway, here are the girls that they have for this time around. I have a feeling that they won’t go with the one that should win and probably another ugly one.

Here they are:





Leyla had a little wardrobe malfunction that was apparently planned, but here is the pic from it:



And my pic, which probably won’t be chosen from the group of girls that are here is Elisabeth, I think she seems the prettiest and the most fun one. Here are some pics of her:

I think that they’ll probably go with that girl Summer, unless she is voted off towards the end, because they could easily market her name. But I think Elisabeth seems like the best choice for the competition.

Was this mostly an excuss to post a shit load of pics? Probably. But mostly a way for me to express that I really don’t want to have to deal with the WWE Diva Search tomorrow night, live at Continental Airlines Arena.

I hope that everyone enjoy this and that I didn’t waste anyones time.


5 thoughts on “WWE Diva Search Contest

  1. flammable says:

    Where did that time go? Ohhh.

    They’ll probably go with Summer, I think you’re right…but I like Ashley too. Elisabeth is nice.

    Heh, I bet there’s guys that are going to be there tomorrow night that are only there for the divas…and not for the wrestling. They’re probably outnumbered, though. πŸ™‚

    Have fun tomorrow night!! I hope you both have a great time.

  2. flammable says:

    BTW I like that last picture, it kept distracting me from typing that last comment (and this one, it’s still visible).

  3. socramforever says:

    thanks, I hope we do too. I have my camera, I hope that I get some good pictures out of it too. I’ll post them if I do.

    You know what, you’re probably right, there will probably be a lot of people that are there simply for the diva search girls. That’s cool, as long as they don’t bitch about the rest of the show.

    I’ll post something about if I liked the segment or not.

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