Hummerz’s Myspace pics of the day

Hummerz has been going on to and befriending all these people. And it kind of shocks me that a lot of them are very pretty girls that are looking for guys. Shouldn’t they already have boyfriends? Anyway, here are some pics from a girl named Krystal that is Hummerz “friend”. She is apparently a model and has her own website.

Here are the pics:

This last one should be moving, but the way it was saved it didn’t save all the pics that followed it so I’ll try and update it a little later.


Hummerz promised that more pics will follow from this bunch.


6 thoughts on “Hummerz’s Myspace pics of the day

  1. flammable says:

    hahaha…heh meant you but she can be my friend too.

    i recently got in contact with several people i haven’t spoken to in years because of myspace…did the same with facebook, but not as much since it’s restricted to schools and all.

    i’d definitely recommend checking myspace out…lots of freaks on there, but overall it’s worth it. 🙂

  2. socramforever says:

    I don’t understand why some of the girls that are on there are on there. Why don’t they have boyfriends? Melissa said that perhaps they are looking for boyfriend(s)(as in more than one) which is cool. I guess people just don’t meet other people like they used too.

  3. flammable says:

    not totally sure why they’re there…the first girl you linked to works for some sort of company, maybe that gets her name out there for people to buy whatever product she’s pushing.

    some people go on there to befriend everyone and boost their self-esteem. pfft, it’s only a number…so i clean out the people who have befriended me every now and then.

    but the opportunity to keep in touch with people, and regain contact with old friends, is the main reason i go there. i’m in a group that some friends from high school created and we post messages to each other there. in the past 2 weeks i heard from someone i haven’t seen or talked to since january of 2002(!), and someone else who i haven’t been in contact with since may of 2004. it’s nice to see how people are doing and stuff. the eye candy isn’t bad either, but as a geek i tend to avoid those pages because of the horrible html that loads millions of colors that hurt my eyes and make the page hard to read and it starts playing music. i want to kill the people that add 5 billion songs to their myspace pages in windows media format. but, i digress…

    you can keep a photo album there, and a lot of other stuff too. it’s good for meeting people too, i guess…might meet someone that i’ve been exchanging messages with at a concert next month.

    great excuse to waste some time, too…as well as get more info on the people you already know. 🙂

  4. socramforever says:

    Its an amazing excuse to waste time. That’s what the guys at my work do. They go on for hours on end and just talk to people and try to find people and stuff. I was thinking about joining it just to jerk around.

    I actually try to update my blog during the day as another time waster. It keeps me busy.

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