Working with Mr. Byrnes…

No, not that one.

But one that I work with at Warnock. He’s making a movie right now and is working on it every Tuesday and Sunday. I helped out last Sunday, shooting was a bust because only one actor could make it but we went through a whole bunch of fighting scenes and choriographed a whole bunch of stuff and Mr. Byrnes (Joe) is actually helping me to learn how to work with actors (which is the one place I feel I need the most work on because even though I shot Ethan Ross (and if you haven’t seen it FINGER OF SHAME!) I felt that we shot in such a quick way that I never got a chance to work with the actors like I would have wanted to.

I didn’t get a chance to post anything about helping him out on Sunday (or till today) because Raw is Marcos was the primary thing I was busy posting stuff about and the rest of the week has been very hectic.

Joe is really helping me out and I think I’ll be able to help him out this coming Sunday, if anyone is interested in helping out, leave me a message.


PS this post along with the ‘LOL pic of the day’ do not have any relation with each other, they are just a big coincidence (sp) and don’t think anything of it.

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