Poor Buffa

About three weeks ago I went to a fellow ex-RA’s website and checked out his blog and I found this story. I just checked it today and its still up there, its at the bottom but I felt bad.

Here it is from gamerfeed.com, Chris Buffa’s Level 8.1 blog:

June 19, 2005
Night on the town…

Why do I bother?

Back when I was a freshman in college there was this kid that not many people liked. He was a little strange and often said that his videogames were his true friends. At the time I thought he was crazy, but after tonight, I’m not so sure.

When I come to SF I like to date. I figure that if I’m going to be here for a month I might as well meet new people. Anyway, I wound up meeting this attractive woman online two weeks ago. We talked for lengthy periods both online and off…we had lots in common. In fact, we were both psyched about meeting. Anyway, tonight was the big night. We had planned for this. She had cleared room in her busy schedule. Throughout the day, her and I were text messaging one another about how exciting tonight was going to be. So we meet. I take her to a nice restaurant ($80) and then we bar hopped and I bought her drinks ($20). At about 1:30 AM she asked if I could buy her one last drink while she stepped out for a smoke…and as I bought her that drink, she left with someone else. I didn’t know what was going on until she text messaged me saying that she’d decided to ditch me and that she was sorry. She left me in SF in an area that I don’t know well cold and $100 lighter.

I really don’t know what to think right now. It’s late, so my mind isn’t exactly as sharp as it usually is, but I just don’t know. I’ve had girls not want to go out with me, but I’ve never been the victim of something so underhanded. I mean seriously. She siphoned a ton of cash from me and left with some dude who sings in a band, a band that will probably NEVER make it anywhere in the world. It’s not even like she left me because he was better looking. She left me just because she’s the type of person who thinks a guy who blurts out some gibberish into a mic is cool. That’s so beyond shallow that it’s actually funny. Anyway, I know that I’m not making much sense, but at this moment I’m really depressed. Tonight has made me think back to that kid in college that everyone laughed at, and you know, some of what he said makes a lot of sense.

As foul-mouthed as Conker is, at least he’s always there. haha

Let that be a lesson and don’t let it happen to you.


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