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So, yeah, on Saturday, (I’m so busy I don’t even get the chance to update my blog on the day of–what do I do you ask–that’s the exact question I would like answered) Melissa and I went to a place in Livingston to get massages.

For my birthday in January my parents bought me this gentleman’s package from Dieci’s, a spa that is open in Livingston. They thought I needed the relaxation for working so hard in my first semester of graduate school. So, then when it came time to buy Melissa a present for her birthday I decided that I wouldn’t feel right going to a spa by myself as well as it would be a nice jesture for her if she got something from the same place. We went on and off, since her birthday in February, about when we would actually go to the spa. It was a long battle with time and scheduling it into our busy lives. Melissa finally called up and got the appointments.

She went in for a massage and a facial, my package came with a one hour massage, manicure and haircut. Let me tell you I had not had a haircut in over four weeks, my hair was long and beastily. I started putting gel in my hair because the hat that I use start getting poofed off of my head. It was sad. My nails were long as hell too, because if I was going to get it done, why should I do it myself only to not have the people who got paid to do it not do it.

I’ll say this, my massage was amazing. I had never experienced one before. I got a girl named Catherine, and I haven’t been molested like that (aside from the obvious) since Melissa and I went to the strip club with Rachel and Evkoz a little over a year ago, when I had a strip dance and got dragged on stage. It was a crazy night. Anyway, Catherine was an amazing masseuse, ohh! it was really nice. Not really sexually, at all, it was really relaxing. After the hell week that last week was, this made it all worth it.

I got my manicure and I saw Stefanie Jackowitz, a fellow class of 2000 classmate from Livingston High School. We caught up on a bunch of stuff and I found out that she was a film/tv major. It was cool talking to her and finding out that she went on to graduate with a film degree too.

And finally I had a very eccentric haircutter named Ashley. She was cool, she spoke to me how she has been there about 2 and a half years and can’t take it anymore because of “those people” that come into the spa. She explained to me that there was this lady coming in right after her with her two twin daughters that likes to talk about her twenty-five boyfriends and Ashley couldn’t care less.

I recommend going to Dieci’s if you are ever in the area, make an appointment first and check the prices, because if you know Livingston, you know that it won’t be cheap.

Check out the website if you’d like:

Tell me if you do try it out.


PS I think Melissa and I might go back later this summer, should be fun.

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