Britney Spears: Outrageous

So, I find a lot of shit while scouring many website to be able to update this blog. I have found a massive amount of crap and it takes a long time for me to weed through it all before I can post them. I found these Britney Spears pictures that were apparently taken from her Outrageous music video.

Here they are:

So, after looking through all that, probably the one thing on your mind is what the fuck is Snoop doing in those pictures. Those couldn’t possibly be real. Well…sadly they are.

And here is the proof:

As far as I remember, Snoop was not in that song, oh well, maybe he just wanted to be in a Britney Spears video…yeah right.

Anyway, I haven’t seen Britney Spears’ pregnant pics yet, I heard from K-Rock that she looks like a little pork chop now. If anyone finds those pics please send them over.


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