ET to phone home…again

If anyone needs to stop its Drew Barrymore…she just isn’t funny or hasn’t been in any movies that have been worth seeing (except for 50 First Dates)but now there is word that she wants to make a sequel to ET. I didn’t like the first one, yet people keep buying it. Leave it as is, don’t fuck with something that so many people actually like for whatever the reason. They messed up the recent re-release of ET by updating all the special effects and taking out a whole bunch of things that made the first one special and very much a film of its time.

Et to phone home…again is the title to an article from and here it is:

Drew Barrymore and director Steven Spielberg are in talks to make a sequel to the 1982 Hollywood classic “ET: The Extraterrestrial” reports WENN.

Barrymore is apparently anxious to resume her role as Gertie Elliot, but only if Spielberg, who directed the first film, agrees to oversee the project. According to reports the sequel will see ET return to a now grown-up Gertie, desperate for help saving his family from extinction.

“Drew has spoken to Steven about it,” a Hollywood insider said. “Although he thought she was joking at first, he’s actually giving it serious thought. Drew thinks the world needs another feelgood movie like ET right now and she’s prepared to work with Steven to make it happen.”

Please Steven, do not do this, stay away from it just like you never wanted to make a sequel to Close Encounters and who you never wanted to make a sequel to ET in the first place. Leave these classics alone. Don’t fuck with something that is not broken.


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