Triple H Shrine

While scouring the internet for stuff, I happen upon wrestling stuff all the time, because…well, I’m a huge fan. I went to fucking WWE Monday Night Raw (Twice for all of you taking notes, I’ve been to two Smackdowns, a house show, King of the Ring 2001, and No Mercy 04–and I want to go to more) so I if I’m willing to spend the money to go see it live than I’m a big fan (and Melissa must love me if she endures so many of our trips there–she’s been to four out of the seven that I’ve been to, three out of the four it was just her and me).

So, anyway, here is my Triple H collection thus far from Wrestling websites, enjoy:

Triple H starts this one off, because he’s an eleven time WWE/World Champion:

Clearly I am proud.


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