Will somebody slap me?

That offer goes out to everyone but Hummerz, because he would actually slap me.

I stayed up last night to write, I got like two sentences down and that was it. I then got on-line and downloaded shit. I don’t know why I do not have any discipline when it comes writing.
The other night I couldn’t go to sleep and I was lying in bed thinking about ways to make money and I have three scripts that I am currently playing around with in my mind. Ethan Ross (version 2), Day of Reckoning (I had this name before the WWE video game came out so don’t think that I got it from that. I actually got it from the Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines international trailer, it was something said at the very beginning)which I am not at libertity to say what it is about, and an Untitled Shore project, which again I cannot speak about.

I need to stay up and write, the summer is almost over and I have done nothing and I’m feeling miserable. I need to just fucking do it.

Everyone please stay on my ass and harrass me about my scripts, constantly. I need people to tell me to write.

Somebody please just slap some sense into me.


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