I’m going to make this one quick.

I’m back, in the states, at home in the apartment in Randolph. Everything is great, its good to be back home where we belong. We had a little scare with Mathew when we got home, we took him to the emergency vet and he should be ok in a couple of days. For a cat his age the heat is terrible for him and we’re doing everything we can to keep him ok. Keep him in your prayers. Thank you.

I promise tomorrow more of an update, and more updates, I’ll talk about Warnock and things there and everything else.

Night all.


2 thoughts on “BACK!

  1. flammable says:

    Welcome home!! Sorry to hear about Mathew feeling a little under the weather, glad he’ll be fine soon. That dude sure goes through a lot, he’s a trooper.

    Gotta catch up with you once you get settled, I talked to a designer friend and she offered a few suggestions.

    Unpack, relax, kick up your feet…will talk soon. πŸ˜€


  2. socramforever says:

    unpacking will take place tonight and throughout the weekend, we were beat. Melissa didn’t want to go back to work because she knew what would be waiting for her, a lot of e-mails and work! Poor Melissa πŸ™

    anyway, that’s exciting news about the designer friend and I’d love to hear what her suggestions were.

    Mathew should be doing better tomorrow, I hope, it takes about a day for the medicine to kick in. So lets hope for the best.

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