Batman Begins to have sequel

Great fucking news people, Batman Begins will most likely have a sequel if all goes well, I’m so happy about this because I thought that the new movie had so much potential and was such a great film.

Here is the article from

“Batman Begins” producer Charles Roven told Sci-Fi Wire this past weekend that the returning cast is signed on for a sequel, the script is in the works, new cast members are being discussed and the only delay is an OK by director Christopher Nolan.

“We all hope there is going to be another one, we’re waiting for Chris Nolan to declare himself. We will do it after he does that” says Roven. The producer stated that it would be possible to proceed with another Batman movie without Nolan, but added that he would prefer Nolan to do another one.

He also confirms that at present Bale, Caine, Holmes and Oldman have signed on, but added that it’s WAY too early to talk about new cast members for the as-yet-untitled next Bat film.

Nice! I hope that all comes out well and that we can officially have another good franchise moving with the new Batman series.

Only time will tell.


28 thoughts on “Batman Begins to have sequel

  1. flammable says:

    Oh! Well, I just got a new program to take care of those more easily than before…haven’t installed it yet, though. Had a hard time doing it another way a few months ago, didn’t work.

    Thanks for reminding me, writing that down.

  2. socramforever says:

    lol. I remember you were having problems but then you went to San Diego and now the summer is about to end…

    …I hate it when the summer ends.

  3. flammable says:

    I’ve got orientation tonight, and school starts for me in a week. FDU is in 3 weeks.

    Starting to wish I got more done over the summer. :-/

  4. flammable says:

    That would rock! Just deep enough into the summer that you’re getting comfortable with it, and there’s still plenty of time to do stuff.

    I guess the question is if we’d actually use the opportunity if we had it. 😛

  5. socramforever says:

    Maybe for like the first couple of days, then it’ll just go right back to the slump.

    Unless I had more then one opportunity. Kind of like a groundhogs day (ever see that movie) but with the entire summer.

  6. flammable says:

    Yeah! I don’t think I’d mind Groundhog Day, if it would only last for a while. Can see myself going insane after the first few times.

    I think you’re right, for the first few days it would be like “yeah! all the time.” Then we’d sit around and wait for the summer to end.

  7. socramforever says:

    yeah, because nothing has really changed, its more like you’re just repeating the same day (or months) and you have to change everything. Crazy, but it would still be cool…

    Let’s make a time machine!!!!!

  8. socramforever says:

    like in Austin Powers?

    no no no, no VW Beetles for us time travelers…we’re going high class, we’re going to travel in a Hummer!

  9. socramforever says:

    nice! there is a nice stealth gray that looks like its blue…look it up and tell me if you approve of our time machine color?

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