The Matt Hardy Movement has begun

And now you can wear the t-shirt

yeah, I was there when he returned…am I going to get his t-shirt? no, but I like the slogan and I think I’ll use it. Here is the description of what Matt Hardy and his return from the WWE:

Despite a year’s worth of physical and emotional pain that nearly ended his sports-entertainment career, Matt Hardy returned to World Wrestling Entertainment with tunnel-vision set on revenge. A man scorned is the most dangerous species walking the planet, and those guilty parties are about to experience a major thorn in their side that they assumed had been swept away for good. The “Matt Hardy Movement” has begun…but is the WWE ready?! This passionate individual is determined to right a horrible wrong, and he will not die until the deed is done!

I guess Mattitude is gone and now its just the Matt Hardy Movement. He’s doing a great job for himself, I just hope that the WWE doesn’t fuck him over.

If you couldn’t tell from the pictures a few weeks back of what Matt Hardy looks like, here’s a pic of him:

Here’s his shirt and when he wore it on tv from ”

Ohh yeah!


PS Now, Melissa doesn’t like John Cena, the current WWE champion, but she sure did like his t-shirt. Here is John Cena wearing the t-shirt and just a picture of it:

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