Does anyone remember Test?

The WWE Wrestler from the additude era that was going out with Stephanie McMahon in storylines?

Here’s a picture of him if you don’t rememeber:

Well, as explained on the ending to that storyline was going to be completely different if Vince Russo, the WWE (or WWF at that time) head writer hadn’t jumped ship and moved over to WCW.

Here is a blurb from the article:

Andrew “Test” Martin has opened up an official website at and he’s been answering tons of the fans’ questions for him on the comment board. He made a shocking revelation in regards to his storyline with Stephanie McMahon back in 1999 when a fan asked him a question about Vince Russo.

Test says that had Vince Russo not left for World Championship Wrestling in October of that year, the original plan to the conclusion of his storyline with Stephanie was for him to say at the wedding when they were making their “I do’s” that he could not marry Stephanie because he had been already been hitched up with Stephanie’s mother Linda McMahon and thus turning him heel.

Of course, Vince Russo left for WCW and so that plan was nixed. Although, it’s interesting to think how things could be different in World Wrestling Entertainment to this day had they gone through with the original plan as Stephanie would not have hooked up with Triple H in the first place as that eventually delved into a real-life romance, which eventually led to marriage, which eventually led to Triple H having control behind-the-scenes of WWE to this day and for a long time to come.

Does anyone remember the Test/Stephanie era of 1999 in the WWF? If not, here are some pics:

I agree that things would have been very different if they had kept on with the normal storylines, but we all know how it actually turned out:

And not only were the characters in love and getting married, but Triple H and Stephanie actually did get married in real life.

Man! If Vince Russo was still around things definately would be a lot different right now.


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