Harry Potter to Play James Bond?

Yeah, this one made me double take too…well its a little complicated to explain butcheck out the article from darkhorizons.com:

From Mr. Potter To Mr. Bond
Posted: Wednesday September 7th, 2005 3:40pm
Source: Contact Music
Author: Garth Franklin

Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe and former “Billy Elliott” star Jamie Bell are tipped to be the leading candidates for “Silverfin”, a talked about but still ‘just a pipe dream’ film adaptation of the young James Bond novella reports Contact Music.

Created by British comic Charlie Higston, the tale is the first in a series which centers around Bond’s time in Britain’s prestigious public school Eton at the age of 13. Thus the film version would raise the age of the teen spy to secure either of those actors in the lead.

Orlando Bloom was rumoured for the role many months ago but when asked back in May he responded “I’m not doing young James Bond. My manager, my agent have never mentioned it to me, not to date. Young or old it has never been mentioned to me. I don’t know where that came from”.

Thanks to ‘Adam’.

Kind of weird…I can’t see the kid who plays Harry Potter becoming the same guy who drinks, smokes, and has sex with women along with saving the world…can’t forget about that.

Crazy concept, maybe we’ll see it…


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