Yeah, so now I’m actually going through a whole bunch of stuff from my e-mail as way back as August 29th. Which is where this next post comes from. This one is from Hummerz actually. He claims that I don’t post any of his stuff anymore and now I’m going to post as much as I can of his.

Here it is:

So your wife decides to go out with her friends drinking and
You’re okay with it, because you get to watch sports all night.
You hear her stumble into bed around 4:00 a.m.
You wake up the next morning and go outside to the family Volvo, which
used last night.
You are happy to see it all in one piece; but, wait a minute…

Divorcé papers will be served soon… 🙂

Hummerz is the man, and he better not forget that.


PS he’ll scare your dad…he’s already scared mine!

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