Confirmed Villians for Spiderman 3

Kirsten Dunst, the hottie that plays MJ in the first two Spiderman movies let the cat out of the bag recently in some interviews, here’s the story from

Kirsten Dunst confirms the villains for ‘Spider-Man 3’

Posted September 27, 2005 at 10:42 AM CST

By Tim Briscoe

Kirsten Dunst apparently spilled the beans on the villains to be featured in Spider-Man 3. While doing publicity for her upcoming film Elizabethtown, Dunst divulged that Thomas Haden Church would be playing Sandman and Topher Grace was to be Venom.

This would be a nearly official confirmation on the identities of the Spider-Man 3 super-villains. Rumors have been circulating on the internet for months as to which characters Haden Church and Grace would be portraying. Director Sam Raimi and Marvel Comics have both been secretive on Spider-Man’s foes for the third movie, expected for a May 2007 release.

Here’s how Kirsten allegedly let the cat out of the bag: “We have really great people though as the villains in this film, Thomas Haden Church and Topher Grace — Venom and Sandman,” Dunst told a reporter when asked about the third Spidey installment. When the reporter replied that this was contradictory to rumors, she added “It’s the other way around. You’re right.”

There’s a reason Kirsten is a little shaky on the roles — she hasn’t received a script yet. “But I know the general story,” she said. “There’s a lot that they’re trying to fit into this one.”

Yeah, you ain’t kidding, Kiki. Spider-Man 2 already set up the rise of Harry Osborn (James Franco) as the successor to his father’s Green Goblin. The second film also featured Dylan Baker as Dr. Curt Connors, the man who would become The Lizard. (Tobey Maguire will be back as the wall-crawler.)

Add Sandman and fan-favorite Venom to the mix, and Spider-Man’s spider sense is surely already tingling.

I can honestly say I don’t remember Sandman from the cartoon or comic book, but judging by the pic that they had of him it looks as if he’s an old school villian. Should be fun. I’m extremely excited about Venom, he was my second favorite Spiderman villian behind Doc Oct from Spidey 2. I also liked Carnage, he was a beast and I would really love to see them do something with Carnage in Spidey 4…

… if they have one….

… I’m sure they will.


33 thoughts on “Confirmed Villians for Spiderman 3

  1. flammable says:

    Carnage would ROCK! So cool to see Venom, though…and Sandman sounds interesting.

    Kirsten Dunst will likely get flogged for this leak, however.

  2. socramforever says:

    it was probably something that was done on purpose, she felt that more people would hear her name and then go see her movie. I mean, on her name is the top celeberty name in searches. So, its that many more people looking it up and even if only a quarter of those people go to see her movie, then it’ll do even better than it probably would have.

  3. flammable says:

    But you gotta realize, Sam Raimi’s the one in control here, not some actress who plays the lead female role in his movie.

    Unless he got her to confirm the rumors, but for some reason I’m not sure that’s likely. Was reading an interview with Tobey Maguire from before Spidey 2, and he was very careful to not say more than Sam wanted him to…

  4. socramforever says:

    when did the article say that the movie was coming out? 2007? why would they have told the actors who the villians in the movie were going to be? I’m sure most of them don’t even know who Venom is!

  5. socramforever says:

    from this Fairliegh computer I can’t view whatever is supposed to be there, I’m going to have to check it out when I get home.

    I used to have an e-mail address to some guy who worked at Sony, but that was in 1998 before Godzilla came out and he used to give me all of this info about how to sell a script and stuff and then one day I asked too many questions (he answered them all) but I was embarassed and I never wrote back to him. I was sad…I cried…well not really, he told me to go buy Screenplay by some guy I forgot his name now. But I went out and bought it. Back then it was a pain in the ass to read, but now…its still a pain in the ass to read, who am I kidding.

    You get e-mails from a Spidey watch or something?

  6. socramforever says:

    speaking of leak…before I left home today on the street where my apartment is, the watermain broke, it looks like its going to be a mess.

    One of the guys said to me, “at least it wasn’t during the dead of winter…” I wholeheartedly (is that even a word?) agree with him.

  7. socramforever says:

    yes, exactly!

    but they haven’t even started shooting the movie yet. Isn’t it due out in 2007? I think they are letting Superman and X-men have next summer, this summer was meant for Batman and Fantastic Four (I still haven’t seen it, nor do I have any desire too) and then Spidey will rule 2007.

    Its almost been a decade since X-men caused a big stir at the box office for Comic book movies…but I take that back, I believe it was probably Spidey who really brought it to many people’s attention…tell me if I’m wrong?

  8. flammable says:

    LOL yeah…it’s like some free online “fan club” deal.

    Way cool, you got someone in the industry…would be good to keep in contact with him, I would think.

  9. flammable says:

    I’ll go farther back…Superman.

    And you know, with the next Spider-Man movie and the next X-Men movie, they’ll have a new Superman one, too. So who knows…

    I think Spidey opened a lot of doors and got a lot of attention, but only because Spider-Man got it “right”, whereas Batman could only appeal to the diehard fans. Like, getting that right mox of appealing to more than just the fanbase (who would see it anyway), keeping it true to the story, but making it appeal to the general moviegoing audience.

    I think the nice thing about the Spider-Man storyline is that it can appeal to everyone, with the exception of the radioactive spider, nearly everything is pretty realistic. Shocker gets his superpowers the Batman way, he builds a costume. Rhino was an accident. Green Goblin was a scientific experiment that can be compared to steroids.

    Even Peter Parker is so down to earth, you know? If you can’t imagine yourself as Parker, you know someone who can. That’s probably why it’s got the following that it has.

    Compare that with having your parents die and being super rich, or being an alien from another planet, or being born with strange superpowers. Even being an astronaut and gaining superpowers while in space. It just doesn’t work as well.

  10. socramforever says:

    Very true. but…being rich does help things out though…actually the spiderman in the comic book didn’t have webbing coming out of his hands but something he created, which makes him even more interesting…

  11. flammable says:

    Yeah, that made him smarter! Cause he had to design the web cartridges, and stuff. The cartoon show on Fox (X-Men had one too) had him creating the cartridges himself, and he’d find himself in a jam when he ran out of webbing.

  12. socramforever says:

    ohh! yeah, I don’t even remember his name, but I think I may have it in a box at my house. I’ll probably never find it again. Which sucks, but its cool.

    I highly doubt he still works for Sony though. People in companies like that tend to get kicked out very quickly. Which is why I’d like to start my own…

    So, P. Sucks would you like to work for me as a computer and technology person?

  13. socramforever says:

    Yeah! But that was one of the things that they kept from the James Cameron version of the script (in fact it was the only thing they kept from the script) simply because Cameron could not forsee that an 18 year old kid could create some chemical that could stick so strong that a company like 3-M (the Post-It company) hadn’t come up with yet. But it would make for good scenes (I think they handled that well in Spidey 2 with him not being able to shoot it out because he was too distracted).

  14. flammable says:

    Hell yeah! You’d be the best boss ever. We’ll both just goof off all day, and….wait a minute, that would kill the company.

  15. flammable says:

    Wait, what? James Cameron was going to make Spider-Man before Sam Raimi signed on?

    I’m not sure if I’m pleased or scared, these mental images of Titanic keep flashing through my mind.

  16. socramforever says:


    that would be fun though wouldn’t it?

    I’ll keep you in mind. But don’t keep your schedule open just for me just yet. I still have some tricks up my sleeve, so when I need someone, I’ll find you.

  17. socramforever says:

    Don’t tell me that you are one of the many people that don’t realize that James Cameron was an action movie director way way way before he ever did any Titanic. I was a huge fan of his back in the day. I mean come on! The Terminator, Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, True Lies…and then of course Titanic. But Titanic isn’t terrible from a special effects point of view. T2 and True Lies were probably his best two films (along with Arnold’s two best films) if he really is attached to these two sequels he could fix what was wronged in Terminator 3 and actually make a great sequel to True Lies. I just hope that they call it something other than True Lies 2.

    Spiderman was going to be directed by James Cameron. He had a 60 page treatment written out. He backed down after he directed Titanic because Spiderman wasn’t his, and he didn’t think he wanted to spend two-three years of his life creating something that wasn’t his (he did it for Aliens, but he had already signed a contract before The Terminator became a hit).

  18. flammable says:

    Oh wow…I had no idea, thanks for that.

    Well, I knew he did Terminator 2 and all that, but my timeline is screwed up because I never saw any of the Terminator movies…but yeah, I guess he’s pretty decent then.

    Haha, they could go with “Two Lies” instead of “True Lies 2.”

  19. socramforever says:

    haha! apparently the story has always involved their daughter, so maybe she’s been lying too, or something like that.

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