Congrats to Hummerz…

…who finally had his triplets last night at around 11:45pm. Being the first male to ever give birth to a baby, he made it through the birthing process very well, he choose to go through like the man that he is without any drugs because “it was best for the babies…” Steph was by her Hummies side the whole time and was taking plenty of pictures. All Socramforever’s Blog knows is that Hummerz had two boys and a little girl and that their names were Pep, Ron and Izza respectively.

We at the blog would like to send our congrats to Hummerz on this monumental achievment and hope that he and his babies can be out of the hospital in no time.


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Here is Hummerz shortly before the rush to Morristown Memorial Hospital earlier today

2 thoughts on “Congrats to Hummerz…

  1. anonymous says:

    You’re such a little fuckin’ pepperoni Nipple BITCH I’m gonna whop dat ass son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man you must have been bored as hell does Melissa really take up that much of your time where when you’re not with her you do so much more and you think of more shit to do… maybe she’s the one who’s keepin’ you from your writting think about it if you took a week vacation from her than you would probably be able to write a couple of books at this rate… but you’re still a little fuckin’ bitch and i’m gonna whoop dat ass son!!!!!!!!!

  2. anonymous says:

    Isnt that a cute picture of my baby?!?!? hehe. Whats with the whole triplet thingy lol. None the less twins! lol……..

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